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Traffic anomalies in front of Fulbaria bus stand .It is the common scenario  in the Dhaka city .Fulbaria bus stand is the busyest  bus stop in our city.we need to solve our problem otherwise we lost our time .


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The relatives put up barricade on Rampura TV Road this morning as police picked up the family members of a person who died yesterday allegedly due to the negligence of an intern doctor at Dhaka Medical College Hospital .

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Immediately after BNP chairperson Khaleda Zia came out of the makeshift special jail on Sangsad Bhaban premises, her followers who poured into city streets to greet their leader on Thursday took control of thoroughfares amid scorching heat.Traffic movement in the area virtually collapsed from 11:30am while it created rippling effect on other thoroughfares. The BNP chairperson later visited her ailing elder son Tarique Rahman at Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University. A large number of BNP supporters followed her vehicle creating obstacles to the movement of the commuters. Later, she traveled to the party office at Naya Paltan where thousands of supporters thronged to see their leader.

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Thousands of Jamaat-e-Islami leaders, activists and followers take to the street and block part of Rokeya Sarani from Khamarbari to Bijoy Sarani forcing traffic into a grinding halt yesterday after two top leaders of the party were sent to jail by a special court .

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Return of a huge number of unfit buses and illegal rickshaws on the streets is the main reason for worsening traffic congestion in the city, say traffic cops and public transport employees.They also blame the tailbacks on a rapid rise in the number of new cars with little expansion of the road network.Special measures to ensure smooth movement of the VVIPs’ vehicles only add to the sufferings of commuters. And to make matters still worse, protest rallies blocking roads have intensified in the last three days.Speaking in return for anonymity, a traffic sergeant said the out-of-condition buses that were banned from the city streets have got back to business with changes on the exterior to look new .

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Faulty traffic signaling systems, inadequate manpower and narrow road spaces and overtaking tendency of drivers create pro-longed traffic congestions and intensify sufferings of commuters keeping people motionless as well as creating suffocating condition in the streets.VIP protocol maintaining is another reason for frequent traffic jams in the streets and divider problem in the city’s different important roads also causes congestion. Besides, illegal car parking, and unplanned road excavating on the same road by WASA, DESA, and telephone and telegraph agencies without any integration among them, are responsible for intolerable traffic jams.

Chaotic traffic making a comeback in Dhanmondi Photo : Internet

The one-way sign is still there in Dhanmondi. But the traffic jam is on the increase because of poor attention.Dhanmondi residents enjoyed a month-long run of virtually empty, traffic-free streets thanks to the back-to-back holidays of Eid-ul-Azha, national elections and year-end as most of the educational institutions were closed during the time.But that is about to end. “The bad news is classes in many schools have resumed. In another week or two classes in all schools will be in full swing and then terrible traffic jams in Dhanmondi will be back as usual

traffic jam

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Traffic Jam kills time. So often drivers of the tempo’s and four stock three wheeler vehicles are seen washing their glasses while waiting for a release from the suffocating boring and time killing traffic jam.

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Driver do not go by traffic rules. And there are bus terminals not authorized by the traffic department. The traffic police have failed to do anything about this problem and the situation is going from bad to worse day by day.

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Rickshaw puller ride the rickshaw wrong side in the main road. Because he do not know what is right or wrong. They know just ride .Another reason of traffic jam wrong side ride.